A world of Trading assets

Market Analysis

It’s the mother of all markets, making all other types of trading possible. Every three years the Bank of International Settlements releases its survey of foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets.
A world of Trading assets

Market Analysis

Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/11 Market Analysis

EURGBPEURGBP is testing a support zone where the next bullish leg is setting up. An aggressive rejection will push the market to the...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/06 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY spiked the 84.500 level and is now testing a minor resistance zone. An aggressive break and close above the zone will s...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/05 Market Analysis

ETHUSDETHUSD has gone back to the support zone after failing to break the previous high, which indicates the support zone is likely ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/04 Market Analysis

BTCUSDBTCUSD is testing the support zone as well as the ascending trendline which provides a scenario that the market is set to cont...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/03 Market Chat

AUDJPY:AUDJPY has made an impulse leg to the upside which broke above the resistance zones. A retest of the support should see the marke...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/29 Market Analysis

GBPAUDGBPAUD looks set to continue pushing higher as the market is forming a bull flag after rejecting the support. GBPNZD...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/28 Market Analysis

ETHUSDETHUSD has rejected the resistance trendline and is currently testing the ascending trendline. A break and close below the tre...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/23 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY aggressively rejected the support zone and is now testing the resistance trendline. It seems that there's a good chance...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/22 Market Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF has pushed up about 44 pips from the low. A continuation to the upside is still on the cards, A break and close above t...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/21 Market Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF formed a bearish leg which slightly extents the setup. The bearish leg forms part of a correction, as such the momentum...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/20 Market Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF is rejecting the 50.0 fib level as well as the support zone which indicates that the bull momentum is set to resume and...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/19 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY aggressively broke above the descending channel failing to break the previous and is currently rejecting the demand zon...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/16 Market Analysis

BTCUSD didnt break and close above the resistance but instead formed a bearish correction which indicates the market is likely gonna dro...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/15 Market Analysis

BTCUSDBTCUSD still has strength to the upside however the minor resistance could act as a barrier. A breach of the resistance zone w...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/14 Market Analysis

AUDUSDAUDUSD has completed a correction structure for a continuation. At this point any retests will confirm more upside momentum....
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/13 Market Analysis

BTCUSDBTCUSD rejected the previous high and seems there is short-term strength to the downside, as such a break and close below the ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/09 Market Analysis

GBPUSDGBPUSD is struggling to reject the support zone as seen by the number of touches as well as forming a minor descending trendli...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/09 Market Chat

Positivity keeps on flowing through global equity markets as improving labour conditions tend to be the driving force behind more parts ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/08 Market Chat

USDCADUSDCAD is rejecting the supply zone and seems like it's breaking below the support trendline where short-term move to the down...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/07 Market Analysis

ETHUSD:Ethereum is still in an uptrend. The completion of the correction will see the market pushing further up.EURGBP:E...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/06 Market Analysis

AUDUSDAUDUSD is currently developing structure and as such there are 2 possible scenarios here; an aggressive break and cos above th...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/01 Market Analysis

BTCUSDThe bull run on Bitcoin is still aggressive which looks set to break the weekly high. A break and close above the counter-tren...
Authored by TD Markets

31/03/2021 Market Analysis

GBPUSDGBPUSD sellers are still pushing the market to the downside. A break and close below the previous bullish candlesticks should ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/03/30 Market Analysis

BTCUSDThe bulls are still in charge of this market  as we've seen an aggressive bull run to form new highs. Completion of the bull f...
Authored by TD Markets

29/03/2021 Market Analysis

LTCUSD: The bullish moment kicked in as soon as the market broke and closed above the resistance to confirm uptrend.NZDJPY: ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/03/26 Market Analysis

LTCUSDLTCUSD is at the resistance zone after rejecting the support channel line. The bulls should gain control as soon as the market...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/03/25 Market Chat

Yesterday saw consecutive negative days as US equities all closed lower as US regulations threatened to delist foreign companies if they...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/03/25 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY is in a bear trend and looks set to continue the momentum and test the previous low, A break and close below the counte...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/03/24 Market Analysis

ETHUSDETHUSD ended up dropping to the support zone. At the moment the market is in the middle of the structure, as such price action...
Authored by TD Markets

23/03/2021 Market Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF has broken clear off the support zones and looks like bears are in control. A retest of the resistance / continuation s...
Authored by TD Markets

19/03/2021 Market Analysis

ETHUSDETHUSD has formed a descending trendline as well as a resistance zone. A break and close below the support zone or a reje...
Authored by TD Markets

16/03/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD:Bitcoin is preparing to continue to the upside as the retracement is currently at the support zone as well as the 61.8 fib le...
Authored by TD Markets

15/03/2021 Market Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF is preparing to push down as the resistance zone seems to be holding strong as well as a possible double top formation....
Authored by TD Markets

12/03/2021 Market Analysis

AUDUSDAUDUSD is rejecting the supply zone and looks set to pull lower. A close below the previous wick to confirm the momentum for t...
Authored by TD Markets

11/03/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD broke above the resistance zone instead of rejecting which now indicates bull momentum. The market looks set to continue the push...
Authored by TD Markets

10/03/2021 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY rejected the resistance and is now pushing lower. The current move to the downside isn't aggressive however if the mark...
Authored by TD Markets

09/03/2021 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY is ranging however there is a resistance zone that formed where we can see the market testing and shooting back down. ...
Authored by TD Markets

08/03/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD (Bitcoin):BTCUSD has testing the supply zone as. A rejection from the zone will see the market pushing lower to close the gap...
Authored by TD Markets

05/03/2021 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY looks set to continue the bearish momentum as the market is testing the previous support turned resistance zone. An agg...
Authored by TD Markets


ETHUSD (Etherium)ETHUSD has formed a bullish continuation pattern, now retesting the support trendline as well as the 61.8 fib level...
Authored by TD Markets

03/03/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD (Bitcoin)BTCUSD looks set to breakout out of the descending counter-trendline as it has been making a series of higher highs ...
Authored by TD Markets

03/02/2021 Market Analysis

AUDUSDAUDUSD has formed a correction for one last bullish leg before the overall H1 correction completes. An aggressive breakout wil...
Authored by TD Markets

03/01/2021 Market Analysis

ETHUSD (Etherium)ETHUSD is testing the support after breaching below the ascending trendline. A break and close below support will p...
Authored by TD Markets

26/02/2021 Market Analysis

EURCADEURCAD rejected the support line of the structure impulsively which indicates bullish momentum. A continuation pattern will co...
Authored by TD Markets

25/02/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD (Bitcoin)BTCUSD is about to continue the bullish momentum more especially that the recent drop is rejecting the demand zone a...
Authored by TD Markets

24/02/2021 Market Analysis

SPX500SPX500 is forming a short-term bearish trend within the overall bullish trend and currently looks set to continue the bearish ...
Authored by TD Markets

23/02/2021 Market Analysis

EURCAD is bouncing from the support zone which looks set that it will reject because of the bullish reversal structure developing. As su...
Authored by TD Markets

22/02/2021 Market Analysis

ETHUSD (Ethereum)ETHUSD has pushed down to the demand zone after bouncing from the resistance channel line. A rejection will see the...
Authored by TD Markets

19/02/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD (Bitcoin):BTCUSD has breached the $50000 mark and is still looking aggressively bullish. A break of the counter-trendline wil...
Authored by TD Markets

18/02/2021 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY is struggling to reverse upon testing the resistance zone and it is back to the zone once more. An aggressive break and...
Authored by TD Markets

17/02/2021 Market Analysis

NZDCADNZDCAD is breaking a support zone for a bearish move back to the bottom of the ascending channel.USDMXNUSDMXN push...
Authored by TD Markets

16/02/2021 Market Analysis

AUDUSDAUDUSD is rejecting the 61.8 fib level for a continuation to the upsideEURUSDEURUSD is back at the resistance howe...
Authored by TD Markets

15/02/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD (Bitcoin)BTCUSD retraced back at the ascending trendline as well as a previous support zone. Rejection on the zone will see t...
Authored by TD Markets

12/02/2021 Market Analysis

GBPAUDGBPAUD broke below the ascending trendline after failing to form a higher high 3 times. A retest or continuation pattern will ...
Authored by TD Markets

11/02/2021 Daily Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF is approaching a supply zone after breaking the ascending channel to the downside. A rejection on the zone can see the ...
Authored by TD Markets

10/02/2021 Market Analysis

USDCADUSDCAD is back at the support. A push to the upside is on the cards if the market rejects the zone aggressively.XAGUSD...
Authored by TD Markets

09/02/2021 Market Analysis

BTCUSD (Bitcoin)BTCUSD is still in a strong bullish trend. A break above the previous high and retest will further push the market h...
Authored by TD Markets

08/02/2021 Market Analysis

ETHUSD (Ethereum)ETHUSD is testing a support after forming a gap. The market has not broken the bullish structure and as such a cont...
Authored by TD Markets

05/02/2021 Market Analysis

EURAUDEURAUD is forming a bearish flag for one more bearish wave to test the support zone. An aggressive break and close below the f...
Authored by TD Markets

04/02/2021 Market Analysis

GBPAUDGBPAUD has rejected the top of the structure by forming a triple top and breaking below the previous low which is indicating b...
Authored by TD Markets

03/02/2021 Market Analysis

ETHEUREtherium is still trapped inside an ascending channel and is back at the top of the structure. At any point around the current...
Authored by TD Markets

02/02/2021 Market Analysis

AUDJPYAUDJPY is forming the last bearish wave to complete the overall corrective structure. The market should drop further to the do...
Authored by TD Markets

01/02/2021 Market Analysis

CADJPYCADJPY is forming the last bullish leg of the ascending channel. A new higher high will complete the structure before a b...
Authored by TD Markets

29/01/2021 Market Analysis

BTCGBPBitcoin Pound is forming a falling wedge which currently looks set to continue its flow of lower lows and lower highs. The bea...
Authored by TD Markets

28/01/2021 Market Analysis

ETHEUREthereum is within an ascending channel which has a bearish bias, At the moment the market is in between the structure where t...
Authored by TD Markets

27/01/2021 Market Analysis

BTCEURBTCEUR is testing the demand zone within the falling wedge. The possibility of the market testing the bottom of the ...
Authored by TD Markets

26/01/2021 Market Analysis

CADJPYCADJPY broke the support trendline after failing to break the previous daily high. There are signs of bearish momentum however...
Authored by TD Markets

25/01/2021 Market Analysis

AUDCHFAUDCHF just completed a bullish continuation structure as the trend is still in play. Lower timeframe corrections will indicat...
Authored by TD Markets

22/01/2021 Market Analysis

ETHEREUMEthereum is testing the H4 demand zone within the ascending channel. Bullish momentum is still strong and a push higher to $...
Authored by TD Markets

21/01/2021 Market Analysis

AUD/USD The uptrend on AUDUSD is still strong and any break and retest of structure should continue pushing the market higher....
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